About UsJanet

IPW is the brainchild of Librarian/Raconteur Janet Leister. From an early age, Janet loved books. One of her first memories is making her own because her mother refused to buy them, citing the "perfectly good library just a few blocks away." 

Janet exacted revenge by becoming a master-level reference librarian at the University of Alabama Graduate School of Library Service. Her undergraduate degree in English is from Washington State University.

Prior to launching InkPaperWords, Janet lived her dream job of collection development, wherein she toiled away reading reviews in Publishers Weekly and Library Journal, buying books and spending someone else's money to do it.

Janet currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with fiance Daniele, her son, and a cat. In addition to the publishing gig and working on her second volume of poetry, together with Daniele she is busy restoring the house that belonged to her 103-year old grandmother Pearl.