Recent Publications

Linux in GovernmentLinux in Government
Daniele Barbero
ISBN 978-0-9799618-3-0

An eye-opening primer on how government agencies  can stop wasting money on proprietary software and user licenses by converting to open-source for operating systems and task-specific purposes.

More than money is involved; privacy amd virus issues are also addressed. This volume is essential reading for  those who evaluate RFP's, make purchasing decisions for government agencies and anyone who doesn't want remote companies being able to access their browsing habits.

Tired of fixing broken Windows? Try  Linux, BSD or Open Solaris.

Coming soon.

An Act of Contrition: Poems An Act of Contrition
Christopher Ingham

ISBN: 978-0-9799618-1-6

At long last Australian poet Christopher Ingham brings us his first US published volume of passionate images revolving around love, politics, and wistful yet powerful mysteries of the human condition.

When he isn't pouring out engaging and heartfelt verses, Chris teaches English at a rural Australian boarding school. Together with his wife, he also produces olives for extra virgin olive oil and loves tinkering with (not to mention driving) his vintage Jaguar.

 Expected publication is summer 2009.

Cucina Piemontese: Cucina Piemontese
Heritage Recipes from Northern Italy 
Daniele Barbero and Janet Leister
ISBN: 978-0-9799618-0-9

Pillowy gnocchi. Creamy risotto, comforting and well-suited to being prepared any number of ways. Satisfying osso buco, braised for hours, polenta oozing with cheese, crispy and sweet hazelnut biscotti.

This is the cooking of Piemonte, between the borders of France, Italy and Switzerland at the foot of the Alps. Piemontese cuisine is very different from southern Italian cooking; at the same time both frugal yet luscious, healthy yet satisfying, exotic yet familiar. Daniele and Janet have collaborated to bring this delicious food of rugged farm people to you.

 Not Yet Published

Public Service Project Management for the Rest of UsPublic Service Project Management
Daniele Barbero
ISBN: 978-0-9799618-2-3

This volume details the most cost-effective way to research project needs, evaluate proposals, manage the project and plan for inevitable obsolescence from the point of view of the public interest.

Daniele is a veteran of both public service and private enterprise. A notorious computer geek and packrat, he currently has several computers of varying architectures and  operating systems. Need a funky part for your SiliconGraphics, HP9000 or Sun SPARC? Daniele has it.

And don't forget Janet's volume of poetry
published by
Quill and Parchment Press...

The Eclipse and Other Poems  Eclipse and Other Poems
Janet Leister
ISBN 978-0-9764244-9-9

Leister's lines are clean and clear, her imagery sharp and focused. The two lovely short poems "Blackberries" and "For Akbar" stand out for their concision and sparkle" . . ."quietly lyrical" . . . "Judicious use of hyperbole" ."This book is a pleasure to read"

David Matthews
Portland, OR

"A collection that mirrors lost loves and unfulfilled dreams, The Eclipse and Other Poems evokes compassion from the poet’s readers in part to each poem’s relatability as well as Leister’s undeniable strength to remain undefeated giving noteworthy reason for readers to add this gratifying book to complement their poetry collection."

Karen Schwartz