Why the Salamander?

The name comes from Janet's son Chris' pet salamander as a child and the resulting imprint when she taught him bookbinding.

Our Flamestomper logo is based on the coat of arms of Le Havre, Normandy. Many thanks to Wikipedia contributor Odejea for permission to use/alter her heraldic image.

From Dragonorama:

One word sums up the legend of the salamander: fire. The salamander was believed to be a creature of fire.

The level of its elemental association varied. Sometimes it was simply fire resistant or would put out fire, other times it was said to live in fire, sometimes it was even said to be born in fire. It has been said that salamanders were created when glass-blowers stoked their furnaces continually for seven days and nights.

From Chris Larsen:

"Thwart fire?Forget that, give me a salamander who farts fire. Thwarting fire is overrated."